Paint, and more paint

On March 14, Bob Castaneda and Joy Davis (of the wonderful Radio Fiyer art car) were here to volunteer their time to help paint the exterior of the building. They even donated the paint! Here’s a photo of Bob (left) and Hunter Mann hard at work. This shot shows only a fraction of the surface that they ultimately painted. And that’s just the primer coat — there are still two more coats to go. Bob and Joy are on their way here from California as I write this, to help the local crew finish the job. We’re looking forward to seeing their smiling faces.

Bob Castaneda & Hunter Mann paint Art Car World

And while we’re at it, here’s a shot of Kevin Ratliff (left) and Francisco Valencia repairing stucco on the front of the Art Car World building. Good job, guys.

Kevin Ratliff and Francisco Valencia repair stucco