Art Car Museum, A new adventure

12-17-06 It is an exciting time to have a blooming energy towards making a home for art cars. I have noticed that it’s not just myself that is going through a period of transition – a lot of art car makers are either moving onto making other art cars or moving on to completely different things. I am looking forward to seeing what we all end up doing. I’ll keep posting updates as they come in.
-Harrod Blank

4 thoughts on “Art Car Museum, A new adventure”

  1. please keep us posted on the blog on the progress of the facility and the honor roll of cars to be displayed.

    We could have a fundraiser in Houston before the Parade in MAY !!

  2. Wowzers… a whole barn of Art Cars! Nice going, Harrod. A lot of work, but hey, it’s what’s needed for this art form. There’s not enough of em on the road, they may as well be in a museum where folks can see em when they please. You should put up a papypal link so we can donate from the site here, and get this show on the road! so to speak 😉
    Let me know if you need any help with writing, editing, info dissemination etc. I have time on my hands.

  3. Ahoy, Harrod–You may remember me from the days in the Santa Cruz mountains, then Westside, Santa Cruz (1974-86), and later at Cornell University (1992?)–I knew you and Beau–and your mom, Gail. Saw and stayed with her in NO in 1993..Stayed in touch with her; then tried to get in touch with her again, after our visit with her in New Orleans, January, 2002–and again after Katrina–no luck–but now I’ve learned from your website that she died in Febraury, 2005…My condolences to you and Beau. She was a great woman…and we were good friends for many years, going back to 1974.
    Anyway, I’m still living in the Ithaca, NY area–(phone: (607) 272-0088.
    Would like to hear from you and what’s going on in Douglas, AZ…Please let me know…My present wife, M. Susan Lewis, works at Cornell U/Arts& Architecture..We live at 226 Hines Road, Newfield, NY 14867…I still own a 1987 Chev Camaro…and a good friend is Phil Garner/now, Phillipa Garner, who still writes for a car magazine and is into human-powered “cars”….You may have seen him at the Burning Man over the years…

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