Things are moving along!

Today we’re getting a lot of interest in the museum and people actually wanting to visit due to today’s cover page article on MSN written by Claire Martin.

Land Yacht by Eric Lamb arrived April 21, 2009
Land Yacht by Eric Lamb arrived April 21, 2009

We currently have 18 vehicles, including the most recent to land here, the “Land Yacht,” by Eric Lamb! 6 of the vehicles are on tour for the remainder of the year with the new film I spent 13 years making, “Automorphosis” Thus the museum progress will be a little slower this year. I am hoping to work on another 16 feet of the roof this winter. We are currently half way done with the new roof. After that gets done likely end of 2010, we will begin work on the floor and the design work. It will take at least a few more years to complete, and this will depend on how much money we can raise.

If you want to make an appointment to visit, try back in the winter since we will be touring with the film through November to raise awareness. The film does end with the Art Car World Museum so it will be getting the word out.

We have done a lot since 2005, but we still have a ways to go!

Thanks for your interest