Thank you for being an Art Car Hero! It is our belief that art cars integrate art into daily life, and this makes the communities in which we live more open, peaceful, entertaining, and enlightening. Thank you for bringing art into the streets, one of the missions of Art Car World, and for another mission, preserving this mobile art medium via this unique museum. Thank you!


Jane & Walter Camp
Butch Anthony
Beau Blank
Ken Crimmins
Marilyn Dreampeace
Charles Russell
John Ullman
Dave and Gina Hamperson
Hieronimus & Co.
Chris Stock
Mark Siemer
T&M Group LLC
David Jungen
Cary Riall
Jay Hamburger
Beth Lamont
Linda Dardarian & Terrence M. Carroll
Heather & John Little
Roberta L. Steele
Bruce Endres
Terry Demchak
Emily Duffy
Rot N' Hell
Ron "Colt" Snow
Gary Whitely
Dean and Janis Pauley
Mike Wild and Mickey
April Lambert & Family
Brenda Klein
Beth Lamont


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