Past: A timeline

December 10, 2016 The Wrought Iron VW from San Antonio TX is added to the museum
November 12, 2016 Art Car World vehicles participated in the 8th Annual Grand Avenue Festival in Phoenix AZ
December 19, 2009 Art Car World appears in the Arizona Daily Star
January 24, 2014 Stumper from Houston Texas is added to the museum
April 26, 2011 Purchased Adjacent building at 401 9th St. and art cars are moved in months later
Feburary 1st, 2009 2nd stage of roof (16 additional feet) to be completed
New Roof
November 8th, 2008

Leopard Bernstein arrives at Art Car World all the way from Seattle Washington.

Oh My God! arrives to Art Car World, towed down from Berkeley CA

Art car
October 11th, 2008 Art Cars from Art Car World participate in the Two Flags Festival in Douglas AZ
September 9th, 2008 Korean TV films Art Car World for broadcast in November 2008.
March 15th, 2008 Border to Border Airshow, Douglas AZ
October 27th, 2007 Camera Van lands at Art Car World!
Camera Van  and Magic City
October 17th, 2007 Received Magic City Golden Transit all the way from Birmingham, Alabama!
October 13th & 14th , 2007 ArtCar Fest Arizona. Featuring over 25 art cars at the site. Our first Art Car event at Art Car World!
Art FEst Arizona
October 12th, 2007 The Space Junk Art Car received from the artist Rot'n Hell, our first Canadian Art Car!
Space Junk and Az Commision of Arts
August 15th, 2007 Art Car World Receives first grant! It's from Arizona Commision on the Arts 
March 17th, 2007 Border to Border Airshow, Douglas AZ
Feburary 20 to 25th, 2007 Caravan of Art Cars from San Francisco to Douglas organized by Philo Northrup. The following art cars will be received at that time: Carthedral by Rebecca Caldwell, MondrianMobile by Emily Duffy, Pico De Gallo by Harrod Blank.   
July 21st, 2006 First section of roof (50 feet) of Art Car World building completed 
May 11th, 2006 Art Car World non-profit formed
January 16th, 2006 New courtyard gates designed by Paco Gastellum in Agua Prieta are installed 
November 2005 Bruce Endres added to the crew as chief architect and master of all construction and building
September 2005 Hunter Mann joins the deconstruction crew to clean the property
August 16th, 2005 Harrod Blank purchases Nelson's Glass at 450 8th St. Douglas AZ
July 2005 Shawnee Hicks shows Harrod Blank the property
















































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